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Every job is different and every story is different. Whether it be a rough idea on paper or a full blown script, I like to breakdown the story and create some basic ideas which help tell the story visually. I use all common online platforms and programs for helping breakdown scripts which can be done in a cloud & group environment as I like to keep everyone unto date with what I am scribbling down. 


Once the story and ideas have been well grounded between the head production team, I like to take into consideration all the visual concepts which the Director, Producer and Production designer have in their minds and then put forward my ideas in a visual format for understanding among the team. I like to create LOOKBOOKS, where here I can visually display references to Angles, Color Grades, Art department concepts, Practical lighting and general describe the tone and feel that perceive from the script and ideas shared from the team.

After creating a LOOKBOOK, I like to take the ideas further using 3D Animation software like Cinema 4D and Shot Pro. 


This is most grinding time that I love most. Getting out onto location and having several meetings with the Director, Producers, Production designers, Gaffer and Camera crew. Planning everything onto paper so on the day less time is wasted on unnecessary decision making. I find that creating plans like this give more confidence to the production crew especially the camera and lighting department. This process usually entails myself creating mud maps on the location scout/tech scout and turning them into digital format with "Shot Designer".